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2016 Membership Drive

Flower Fairy at our 2015 May FaireIt's Fall!  A new school year,  Apple pies, Turning leaves, and time to renew your membership in the Williamsburg Libraries!  Thank you for supporting us in the past and for renewing today. Not a member yet? Join now!

Members can join at any dues level. (Every contribution helps!)  I am hoping that you will consider joining at the $25.00 level - higher if you can - to provide much needed funds for 2016-2017.

The Friends' fundraising helps out the Libraries with programs, and many other needed things not covered by other appropriations. You can be a part of that!

Membership Form

Please send in your dues and membership form to:
The Friends of the Williamsburg Libraries
P.O. Box 46
Williamsburg, MA 01096

You can also help by voting for the Friends of the Williamsburg Libraries in the Florence Bank Customers Choice Community Grants.  In 2016 we were awarded over $2000.00! 
Vote now at

Thanks, and please send your donation today!

Becky Houlihan
President/Friends of the Williamsburg Libraries

Check our website for a list of the wonderful children's programs we provide, or stop by the library for some flyers!  We hope to see you soon!

Friends of the Williamsburg Libraries

Spring 2017 Update

Florence Bank awards the Friends $3448.00!!!

Who Are The Friends?

Photograph of Tom Ricardi with a gyrfalconSince 1986 The Friends of the Williamsburg Libraries, Inc. has been a volunteer group that raises money to support the Libraries. We hold membership drives, raffles, book sales, and events. We spearheaded the fundraising for the 2003 library addition, writing grants, letters of appeal, and thousands of thank you notes!
How Do We Do This?
The entire operating budget of the Friends comes from the community. Supporters purchase memberships, donate generously through Valley Gives, vote for us in the Florence Bank's "Customer Choice Community Grants".  Supporters attend fundraisers, "Love Your Library", "Swing Into Spring",  "Fall and Spring Book Sales".  

 What Do We Do?

Photograph of Tom Ricardi with Great Horned OwlWith donated money, the Friends assist with supplemental maintenance and improvements not included in the Town library budget.

Big-ticket items of recent years are the automatic door openers and covering the cost increases for the installation of air conditioning.

We purchase books, fund the Summer Reading Program, supplement grants for performers, artists, and musicians, buy furniture, and host events. Many activities held in the Libraries are directly related to your support.

Why Is the Meekins Library Different?
The Meekins Library and the Anne T. Dunphy School maintain an open campus program. Classes from the school walk to the library during the school day where they are instructed by the Librarians and encouraged to take out books. In addition the librarians maintain classroom libraries by transporting curriculum-based reading material to the Anne T. Dunphy School. It is a true symbiotic relationship!
I'd Like To Join!
If you are interested in actively supporting your Libraries, join the Friends at monthly meetings held the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Meekins Library. You may print the form below and mail it to Friends of the Williamsburg Libraries, PO Box 46, Williamsburg, MA 01096. Membership dues for the Friends of the Williamsburg Libraries are $20.00 per person. The membership year runs from September to September. For more information, please call 268-7472 or stop in and check out the display area.
___We/I wish to join as a new member of the Friends of Williamsburg Libraries.
___We/I wish to renew my membership to the Friends of Williamsburg Libraries.
Friends of Williamsburg Libraries Yearly Memberships
           ___Friend ($20)                                ___Special Friend ($50)
           ___Good Friend  ($25)                      ___Best Friend ($100)
Name (please print):_________________________________________
Street Address:____________________________________________
We/I wish to make an additional donation of $________  to the Friends of Williamsburg Libraries.
Mail to:  Friends of Williamsburg Libraries PO Box 46, Williamsburg, MA 01096